Where Heroes Live, and Legends Never Die

Greetings, Weary Traveller, and be Welcome.

It is said by some scholars and mystics that the mists are alive. These mists appear and disappear at random, sometimes covering a small field for a matter of minutes, other times hiding a mountain range for years. But it is always there... Somewhere.

Sir Adrian Nemocan Those who have seen the mist speak of legends, or horrors that cannot be described... Of beautiful maidens that take wing, and hideous demons that dance in fire. For this is where the dragons of old had come from, and here did they disappear again. Unicorns lived within the mists, it is said, as well as the fairy-folk, the Minotaur; all creatures of myth have been said to come from the mist, and to have returned there once again.

King Skargon Arcane To brave the mist is to brave death itself. But for those who are brave enough to face that death... The fog clears.

The land is lush and green, almost alive with flora and fauna that are beyond the imagination of most people. In the trees, elves dwell; ever the guardians of the great forests. To the west, the mountains ring with the sounds of hammers striking anvils, as the sturdy dwarves forge new and wondrous weapons and armor.

In the center of this great land is a castle. The land is full of people, and what a people they are. Fairies and human, elves and their darkened cousins. All live within this land. People from places never heard of flock to the castle. And from the top of the highest tower in this castle flies a banner of blue and black, emblazoned with a silver dragon, in perpetual sleep.

Queen Aernn Sir Faldrick Skullcrusher

Welcome, my friend, to the Kingdom of DragonFen. May you find what you most desire.
The Seal of DragonFen